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My Philosophy

I work with artists of all skill levels, orientation and experience.  My job as a voice teacher is to help you discover the truest, healthiest and most beautiful sound unique only to you.  This is an investment in yourself, and, if you are a professional performer, your career.  The benefits of voice lessons often go way beyond the teacher/student classroom whether or not you wish to pursue singing as a career choice.

Singing is a whole body sport. And, like a workout, you need to take care along the way to build your muscles at the pace that is best for your body: with consistent care, consistent time, patience and a goal in mind. The time needed to build your voice varies by individuals.


I recommend a minimum of six lessons (with consistent practice in between) before you see noticeable vocal growth and maturity.


When you sing with proper technique, breath support, placement and vowel/tongue alignment: 

  • Free flowing, consistent breath support provides foundation of good vocal production, singing or speaking

  • Correct placement of voice allows for freedom to create dynamics and runs without hurtful force from throat

  • Tension disappears

  • Bad habits go away that can impede vocal progress  

  • Range improves

  • You will be able to “play” with the voice , allowing for the shaping of beautiful passages

  • Diction improves

  • Communication/intention becomes clear

  • Objective of message occurs

  • More oxygen flow to your entire body and brain will occur

  • More flexibility of body from warm up vocal exercises

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Culver is one of those performers who actually exhibits the very technique she teaches to her students. While singing, whether it be in a rehearsal or performance, Culver is constantly exemplifying the exact attributes of an extremely well-trained singer and the type of teacher that any singer would be fortunate enough to have. I have been blessed to have known Culver for the past few years, and I can attest that she, indeed, is a fine talent all-around. Her technique is solid, her teaching is clear and concise, and her attitude towards music is always highly professional. She is one-of-a-kind and an absolute joy to work with in all settings. 

Emily Grace Righter, Mezzo Soprano

Each time I have heard Culver perform, I have always been astounded at the high level and the emotion she puts into everything she sings. Her desire for perfection is unwavering and the results are to be apprised by the reaction of the audience every single time. I can well imagine that as a teacher, Culver imparts not only the essentials of singing but most importantly, the communication therein. Any student would be fortunate to have the opportunity to work with her and to tap into all of her qualities. 

Maestro Daniel Lipton

Culver is an awesome teacher. It isn't just that she knows her stuff, not just that she's encouraging. Culver is inspiring: She takes you from wherever your vocal skills are and tailors her lessons for you, inculcating solid techniques according to your needs. Her enthusiasm for your progress is catching, and I have great respect and affection for her. I recommend her whether you are a beginner or advanced. Culver is a terrific teacher. 

Linda C

Culver is incredibly creative and professional. In addition to being a great teacher/director, she is also very talented. I have seen her perform many times! Highly recommended! Rated highly for professionalism, work quality, responsiveness, value, and punctuality.

Lyla Menkhaus - Choreographer - Director - Performer

About seven months ago I started voice lessons with Culver Casson.  Culver has helped me to improve the sustainability and consistency of my breathing,  to develop the techniques needed for good singing, and to understand how the techniques I'm learning work together to produce a lovely and strong singing voice.  I especially appreciate Culver's step-by-step approach to building a strong foundation. She not only tells me what I need to do, she shows me HOW.   With Culver's patient instructing and coaching, I've improved far more than I had thought possible.  I look forward to each lesson. 

Gretchen C. 

Culver Casson is an amazing voice teacher. I began weekly lessons with her 6 months before an important concert (Carnegie Hall!). Her lessons took me from hesitant choir member to confident performer. I’ve continued with Culver long after the concert because her “breathing lessons” not only improve my singing, but also improve my posture and overall well-being.Culver clearly explains and demonstrates the foundations of excellent singing technique. Her lessons are personalized for my needs. The exercises she suggests give me a clear path for continuing to develop my voice. She also shares professional “tips & tricks” for performing and for keeping my vocal chords healthy. With Culver’s experience and expertise in both singing and teaching, I’ve found the best voice instructor for me. She is a joy to work with.

April C.

Individual Lessons

60-minute voice lesson: $75.00

30-minute voice lesson: $55.00

Package Lessons

Package of six 60-minute voice lessons: $420.00

Cancellation Policy

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