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What is your Cancellation Policy?

If you cancel 24 hours before your scheduled lesson: Full Refund / Make-Up Lesson rescheduled at No Charge to you


If you cancel within 24 hours before your scheduled lesson: You will be charged the Full Amount of that lesson


If you prepay for a package and cancel before the first lesson: Full Refund / Make-Up Lesson rescheduled at No Charge to you


If you prepay for a package, you must take All Lessons paid for within a period of three months. 

Any lessons not used after three months time are non-refundable.

 02  How should I practice and for how long?

For real and fully realized muscle growth to occur, daily practice of 15 minutes is recommended for a new vocal student. This will allow the muscle to be introduced to the new concept slowly, deliberately and carefully, with a healthy result.  I will give you a series of vocal warm up exercises for muscle growth and development that we will work on and go over at each lesson.  You will repeat these same vocal exercises, along with previously given ones, each practice session to expand and develop your mechanism.  As growth occurs, your muscles will be able to sustain practice up to 45 minutes, which I will let you know as your lessons progress.

 03  What kind of songs will I be given to sing?

We will make a game plan when we begin our work together that will determine what type of singer (classical, pop, theatrical) you are interested in becoming.  I will give you both songs that work on specific areas needing to be addressed vocally for practice as well as material which we will work on and polish for any of your upcoming performances or auditions.

 04  How long will it take for my voice training to work?

Each individual’s muscles mature at their own pace, but if you practice carefully and correctly on a daily basis, then you should start to see and feel muscles develop in a matter of weeks.  Once your training is under way and your muscles begin to understand their new role in helping your body produce healthy singing tones, your vocal mechanism will strengthen and mature.  This can take a year or longer for muscles to cooperate and become second nature to a singer.

 05  How do I pay for my lessons?

Payment needs to be received prior to your first voice lesson.  I accept PayPal, Venmo, cash, check. Click Here To Pay For A Lesson

All future booked lessons can be paid for at the time of your lesson with cash or check, or prior to the lesson using PayPal or Venmo.

All packages must be pre-paid prior to taking the first lesson of the package.

 06  What ages do you teach?

I believe that anyone can be vocally trained at any age.  I teach artists ranging from their teens to age 75.  The benefits of vocal training exceed just having a pretty voice.  Greater physical flexibility, better brain functionality from planning next vocal step, more oxygen supply from diaphragmatic breathing, confidence in ability and pride in progress and achievement are all benefits attained from artistic vocal success.

 07  Do you offer online vocal lessons?
Yes! Ideally, we would be able to meet in person and I would provide vocal instruction that way, but I will be happy to work with you and provide online lessons.
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